Advanced English 11

Advanced English 11 offers a challenging curriculum for self-motivated students with a passion for language, literature and learning. This course is characterized by enriched content and extended curriculum outcomes. Learning experiences in Advanced English 11 focus on in-depth treatment of selected topics and sophisticated texts, independent learning and reflection, extended research projects, creation of texts and inter-related learning experiences. A student who demonstrates several, or all, of the following attributes may be interested in Advanced English 11: Has a passion for language, reading, writing and literature; Is a proficient writer, eager to develop a range of writing; Is a conscientious, self-directed learner; Explores contemporary and non-contemporary literature in a variety of genres; Challenges comfort levels by taking risks as a reader and writer; Contributes enthusiastically to collaborative learning experiences; Relishes sophisticated learning experiences; Explores creative potential and imagination in a variety of ways; Is inquisitive, reflective, and open to new ideas; Is intrigued by diverse interpretations of a text or event; Seeks to comprehend and connect complex ideas and perspectives (e.g. the “big picture”).

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