NSVS General Information


Technical difficulties?

The NSVS Help Desk is open 8:30 am to 3 pm, Monday to Friday (nsvs@novascotia.ca)or by phone (902-424-2450) 

How do I register for NSVS courses?
To find out more about NSVS online courses and register for next semester, talk to your school Guidance Counsellor or Registrar.

I’m registered! How do I log in to NSVS?
Go to https://gnspes.ca and sign in with your GNSPES username and password. Click on the NSVS button in the top eLearning Commons section.

 How do I access my course for the first time?
A day or two before your course begins, you will receive a message in your school email account containing your NSVS course name and enrolment key.

  1.  Log in to gnspes click on the NSVS icon (see above). 
  2.  From the main NSVS page, scroll down and click on the appropriate semester
  3.  Click on your course. If there is more than one section, check for your teacher’s name in the course title. 
  4. Enter the enrollment key from your email in the Enrolment Key box, then click the Enrol me button. 
  5.  Repeat for each new course, only the first time you access the course. 

How do I access my course once I’m enrolled?
  1. Log in to gnspes. Click on the NSVS icon (see above). 
  2.  Open the navigation menu in the top left if you don’t see it already. 
  3.  Click on My Courses, then click on your course title.

Need Help?
The NSVS Contact at your school, who may be a teacher, guidance counsellor, or administrator can help you find a space to do your work and help you get started with your course.

Your NSVS Teacher can answer questions about your course, the course work, and where to find other information you need. Their contact information is in your course - write it down!

The NSVS Help Desk can help solve any problems you may have with accessing your NSVS course or other technical difficulties from 8:30am to 3pm Monday to Friday at nsvs@novascotia.ca or 902-424-2450. We are here to help! Let one of us know right away if you need support.

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