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All NSVS courses follow the Public School Program (PSP). Just like what happens in regular classrooms and like real-time courses, students need time to complete the PSP requirements.

NSVS courses consist of a set of lessons, activities and projects. It is expected that students will be online every day for about a 1-hour period completing work and meeting with their teacher and fellow students online through e-chat.

NSVS standards for online courses outline a minimum of 30 minutes to a maximum of 90 minutes of synchronous activity per week. This is the time when a student would be online at the same time as the online teacher and fellow students in the course. This time is chosen based on the student's schedule and there are generally 2 or 3 choices of login times each week. Students will also have daily lessons which they will need to complete. If conflicts arise for students with the e-chat schedule, they should resolve this with their NSVS teacher.

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Where can I find out what students need for their online courses?

Information about textbooks and other materials that are required for NSVS courses can be found on our website under “NSVS Courses”. Materials that are provided by NSVS are indicated with an asterisk *. Materials not marked with an asterisk * will need to be provided by the school. A grant is provided to school boards to assist with these acquisitions, please contact the School Board Registrar if you need assistance.

For all NSVS courses students will need:
  • Daily access to a computer
  • Headset and webcam
  • Word processing program, at a minimum, should be installed on the computer.students

If the student requires an IPP/Adaptations

If a student has been supported by an IPP and /or adaptations in a related programming area and will need support for their online course, it is important this be identified during the registration process. This will enable time for additional dialogue and for a program planning team meeting to be convened with the involvement of the NSVS teacher.

What does the contact teacher do?

Students who are enrolled in an online course through the Nova Scotia Virtual Schools must have a contact teacher at their school who supervises them while they are completing online class work. The contact teacher receives and administers assessments and acts as a liaison between the online teacher and the student as needed. Throughout the semester, contact teachers will receive a monthly information and e-chat calendar. If any issues arise, the contact teacher should immediately contact the NSVS teacher.

At the start of each semester the contact teacher will receive, by email, regular updates about students registered in online courses and an introductory letter with instructions for the student. The contact teacher will need to check with students to ensure that they open this email (student email account) in advance of the course start date. The email contains instructions about their NSVS course, with links and their user id’s and passwords for accessing their course materials. A link to the student orientation video will also be contained in this welcome email.

studentsHow do grades get into PowerSchool?

Mid-term and final grades and comments are sent directly to the InSchool Project Manager in your school board and are uploaded by them into Power School. These grades and comments will appear on the school report card when printed. However students can view their marks at any time within their NSVS course in the Moodle gradebook.

checklist banner
checkmark Have students complete the quiz - Is Online For You?
checkmark Check the student's schedule to see if there is space available for the online course. NSVS courses are intended to be 1 of 4 courses students are enrolled in, in a semester. It is not feasible for students to complete an online course if they do not have a block in their schedule. They will need this time to work on their online course.
checkmark The school needs to assign a teacher as the student's contact teacher. The contact teacher receives and administers assessments and acts as a liaison between the online teacher and the student. The contact teacher supervises the student at the school site.
checkmark Register early so that students and contact teachers receive all login information in advance of the course beginning. Registration is on a first come, first serve basis.
checkmark Confirm the student's email account. This is important as all NSVS course login information is communicated through this account.
checkmark To enrol a student in an NSVS online course, please contact your school board Registrar. Registration numbers for each course are capped at 25 as per the Teacher’s Provincial Agreement.

Regional Centres
Online Coordinator
Annapolis Valley Regional Centre for Education Mark Richards
Cape Breton - Victoria Regional Centre for Education Leanna Campbell-MacDonald
Chignecto-Central Regional Centre for Education Matthew Wilson
Conseil scolaire acadien provincial Michel Gaudet
Halifax Regional Centre for Education Chris Cocek
South Shore Regional Centre for Education Jim Dexter
Strait Regional Centre for Education Janet Fraser
Tri-County Regional Centre for Education Todd Wallace
Information to enrol a student in an
NSVS course:
Provincial ID School name
Student name Home address
Grade Home phone number
Student email account
Please make sure to also indicate if students have an IPP or Adaptations
checkmark Each student should have a contact teacher at the school.
checkmark Ask what course materials and technology will be needed for the student to take his/her course. Course materials are listed on the NSVS Courses 2022-2023. Each course has a separate materials list.
checkmark Confirmation of successful enrollment will be sent to the contact teacher.
checkmark Prior to the course beginning, ask students to log into their student email account. They will have received an email with instructions about their NSVS course with links and their user IDs and passwords for accessing their course materials and a link to the student orientation video.

Withdrawal process

In the event that a student decides not to take a course he/she is currently enrolled, please contact your Regional Online Registrar with the student's name, school name and course. Please do this as soon as you know a student will not be taking a course so we can accommodate others.