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All NSVS courses follow the Public School Program (PSP). Just like what happens in regular classrooms and like real-time courses, students need time to complete the PSP requirements.

The courses that are offered through the Nova Scotia Virtual School (NSVS) consist of a set of lessons, activities and projects related to course curriculum outcomes. Click here to see what an NSVS course looks like. It is expected that students will be online every day for approximately an hour working on daily lessons and activities. Students need to have time in their schedule for their online courses so that they can log in, participate in synchronous activities, complete assignments and keep up with their courses.

Synchronous time is when a student would be online, at the same time as the online teacher and fellow students in the course. Each week this is done through online e-chats (video conferencing platform). The time for e-chats is chosen based on a student's schedule, with approximately 2 or 3 choices of login times each week.

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Students communicating with their parents
  • Each student has a record of his/her marks in the NSVS online gradebook and parents can access this information with their child.
  • The PowerSchool portal will show a student's NSVS course grade and comments at mid term and end of semester only.
  • If you have any questions, you can email your child`s NSVS teacher or speak to the contact teacher at his/her home school at any time.