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  • More than 65 high school courses to choose from in a variety of subjects including: Arts, Science, Advanced courses, French Immersion courses, Social Studies, Mathematics
  • Courses are open to all registered Nova Scotia high school students
  • To view what a course will look like click here
  • To register for a course, contact your guidance counsellor
  • Courses are semestered and follow NS Public School Program (PSP) curriculum
  • Your NSVS course is a credit course and needs to be part of your schedule. Once you've enrolled in an NSVS course, your login information will be sent to your student email account (be sure you know your account info)
  • All course work is done online
  • Online teachers are available throughout the day by email, IM, e-chat and during virtual office hours
  • At your school, you will have a contact teacher who will provide supervision, ensure you have a space to work with, a computer and course materials
  • You can check your marks online at any time. Grades are reported at mid-term and end of semester in PowerSchool
  • The online quiz ( will help you, your parent and guidance counsellor determine if NSVS could work for you
  • NSVS help desk can assist you if you are experiencing any technical difficulties
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Student's Responsibilities
  • Log into your course everyday
  • Be actively engaged in your course. Activities in your online course may include e-chats, forums, journals, wikis, quizzes, blogs, videos etc.
  • Complete daily lessons online
  • Meet weekly through online e-chats (video conferencing) with your teacher and classmates from around the province
  • Check your student email account everyday
  • Check the course calendar everyday to know what lesson to do, and when tests and e-chats are scheduled
  • Contact your online teacher if you have questions
  • Review your graded work for feedback from your teacher
  • Stay in touch with your school board contact teacher
what to do
1 When you enrol in an NSVS online course, you will receive your username and password which is sent to your student email account.
1 To login into your course, log into your gnspes account and click on the NSVS button on your gnspes landing page. Once you are on the main "Nova Scotia Virtual School" page, scroll to the bottom and click on the appropriate semester link. Click on your course (sometimes there is more than one section of a course so the teacher’s last name is included so you can select the correct one). Enter the course key in the box that says "Enrolment key". If you are enrolled in more than one course, you will need to repeat these steps for each course. The next time you log in, the course(s) you are registered in will appear under "My Courses" and you can access them from here for the remainder of the semester. Once the semester has finished, the course keys will be de-activated and you will no longer have access.

Once you have enrolled in the Moodle course, complete the orientation activities located at the top of the course. These must be completed before you can proceed with the course so please complete them on the first day of school. Once enrolled in a course, your online teacher will be accessible to you should you have any questions. You will complete asynchronous activities through Moodle (

If you are having difficulty logging in or accessing your course with the enrolment key, contact the NSVS helpdesk. If you need any help at school with where to do your work, getting started or anything else, please see your school contact teacher.