How to submit your assignments

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How to complete your assignments?

All assignments will be submitted online from within your course. Journals are required they will be written directly online and do not require any extra software on your computer.
Where a course asks for a journal entry, these must be written in complete sentences. Journal entries are meant to assist you with your understanding of the course material and to be an aid in studying for assessments. Be descriptive and use terminology appropriate to the subject you are studying. Do not assume that your marker knows what you are thinking about. Journals should be written in your own words and where you are quoting from a source the source should be cited.  The correct ways to do this can be found in your course.  Ask your marker if you are in doubt about what to include in your journal.
In some cases, an assignment may be completed on paper (by hand). Once your assignment is completed, you can either use a scanner and scan your sheets, or use a digital camera and take a picture of each sheet. Using a scanner might be easier, but a camera digital image will also work. When using a scanner, try to save your work as either a PDF or JPEG file(s). If you are using a digital camera, please make sure to view the pictures and ensure that you can see all the work provided. Name your file(s) to indicate your name and assignment (ex.patmacdonaldlesson123.pdf orpatmacdonaldlesson123page1.jpg). Once this is done, go to the assignment link in the lesson where you will upload your files.
When you are completing an assignment, make sure to show all your work (steps, diagrams, graphs, etc…).  This will assist your marker in understanding how you have tackled the assignment. Indicate the lesson number (and your name) clearly on the first page of the assignment that you are submitting, if it is not an online submission.  Where it is a submission embedded into your course it will automatically be linked to your name.  Markers can see when you submitted your assignment and will provide feedback on a regular and consistent basis.
To track your marks and assignments you will just need to click on the grade book in your course.  There you will see all the marks for each assignment or test you have completed 

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