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General Information About Supported Online Study Courses

You do not have a teacher in Supported Online Study but you do have a marker and depending on the course you may have access to tutoring when you need it.

The activities in the lessons have been created and sequenced to give you the opportunity to accomplish the specific learning outcomes in much the same way students in the classroom study this course. Problem solving, reasoning communication, making connections, critical thinking, and inquiry are ways in which you will be involved in your own learning in this online course.
In supported online study, you work at your own pace. This works best if you set goals for yourself and establish regular times to complete assignments each week. While you can work at your own pace, if you don't submit an assignment to your marker for a period of one year, you will no longer be considered an active student.  If you want to continue with your supported online studies after one year of inactivity, you must re-enrol in the course and pay your registration fees again. Markers may change while you were inactive.
Some assessments in these courses are self-assessments. You will not be able to proceed any further in the course until you have completed these assessments.  

A final exam is required in every course. Students must achieve a passing grade on the exam to be awarded the credit. One exam rewrite is available should that be necessary. All exams are written in proctored environments. Students are required to register in advance to take the exam and will be provided with any additional details about the exam that they have registered to take. Students must present approved photo ID prior to beginning the exam.  
Online learning can be a flexible way to obtain a public school course but requires a commitment on the part of the learner. If you decide to withdraw from the course, we unfortunately cannot refund your registration fee..  

Who can enrol?
You can enrol in a supported online study course if you:

Live in Nova Scotia, are 16 years or older, and are not attending school.
Live in Nova Scotia, are under 16 years old, and are legally excused from attending school. In this case, the principal at your last school must sign your application form, giving his or her approval.
Are attending junior or senior high school (grades 7-12) and have the approval of your principal if:
· the course is not offered in your school
· there are timetable conflicts.
· you want to study a subject during the summer months, but the course is not offered then.
· the principal recommends for some other reason that you take the course by correspondence.
Are a junior or senior high school student who previously attended school in Nova Scotia but are temporarily living out of the province or country.
Are an adult who normally lives in Nova Scotia, but you have been living out of the province or country for less than three years.
Are a non-resident of Nova Scotia interested in taking a secondary school level course for personal interest or credit.
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